Extensive Medical is dedicated to providing the break-through regenerative solutions that allow physicians to offer better, more effective patient care in the most cost-efficient way. 


We Offer Regenerative Solutions

The intention and methodology behind regenerative medicine is not only to equip the body to operate as it was originally designed to, but also to optimize its functionality for the best possible quality of life. Therapies mimic the natural programming of cellular evolution so that the body can easily access resources to heal, correct injuries, and replenish deficiencies and find homeostasis. 

3rd Party Verified Products

3rd Party Verified Products

3rd Party Verified Products

We are focused on providing products that are of the highest quality. We test 20% of every lot for sterility and endotoxins. 

Online Training & Support

3rd Party Verified Products

3rd Party Verified Products

We provide online training by some of our most experienced practitioners so that you can provide your patients with complete and accurate information. 


We Are Proud to be an Exclusive Wholesale Distributor for Vitti Labs 

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